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The KatKabin® DezRez is designed and made by Brinsea Products.  It is a fun yet practical shelter for your cats, and can be used indoors and outdoors.  It was developed by designer Trevor Hudson in conjunction with advice from the Brinsea cats, Chas, Cleo and Astra.  

The original KatKabin® was designed by a Hungarian innovator called Elvira Brocher to answer some of the challenges of owning a cat today. Many working owners worry about their cat when it is outside during the day, particularly if the weather is bad.  Others would love a cat but can’t have one as they are unable to have a cat flap. 

Elvira developed the KatKabin® to solve these problems by creating a special space in a garden, patio or balcony where your cat can be safe and secure. The design of the KatKabin® has evolved over the last year, but the concept of providing your fabulous feline with a safe place to shelter, nap and relax is still the same.  The KatKabin® will quickly become part of your pet’s life and, as it is easy to move, can also be used when away from home, in a cattery or on holiday.

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